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Optimize Google for Jobs Postings for Maximum Results [Tips]

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 29, 2019 1:48:00 PM / by Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins

So you’ve posted countless jobs openings on Google for Jobs but you don’t seem to be getting as many responses as you think you should? Before you give up on Google for Jobs completely, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to take advantage of Google’s full potential.

But just how do you do that?

optimize google for jobs

Get the Most Out of Google

Want to know if your job postings are optimized for Google for Jobs? Well, you’re in luck: It’s easier than you may think!

First, you should use the Google structured data testing tool to see if your jobs are following Google’s requirements to recognize it as a job. Test out your job postings by going here

All you need to do is obtain the specific URL of your job posting, copy it, and paste it into the link. Getting this URL is an easy process: Simply look through your ATS or career page. Easy as that.

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After doing this, you should get a result that shows that Google recognizes the URL as a job posting. If you get this message, you’re on track.


optimize google for jobs

If you see zero errors… congratulations! It means your job is a valid job posting on Google for Jobs. While most warning notifications are cause for concern, don’t worry if you see any warnings messages here. In this case, these are optional fields that improve the candidate experience, but don’t disqualify your job.


Improve Your Listing

You know how I said don’t worry a second ago? I wasn’t lying – I say don’t worry in a technical sense, but if you want to stand out from the competition you should make an effort to improve the job description. Make sure your these are as complete as possible in order to attract the most candidates.

If you’ve done everything as I’ve said and you’re still seeing errors or warning, it might mean that your ATS or career page is not using the correct parameters set by Google for Jobs. In that case, you should reach out to your vendor and ask them to review your structured job data to make sure that it’s squeaky clean.

One last thing before I let you go.

Don't forget to follow ALL of Google's requirements. This means removing the URL when a job closes and not allowing multiple jobs to be advertised on the same page.

For a more in-depth guide to job postings, check out the official Google for Jobs guidelines on this website. 

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Christopher Hopkins

Written by Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins is a marketing specialist at Talentify.io, a mobile-first Results-as-a-Service recruitment platform that helps recruiters reach and attract modern-day job seekers. He lends nearly 20 years of expertise in using online tools to finding valuable data, bringing people to the information that they need. He spends his time sharing what he's learned in order to help people to improve their hiring practices and enhance their recruitment strategies. When he's not doing that, he's fencing, cooking, or looking too deeply into dumb movies and smart comics.