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How Google and Facebook Are Changing Job Recruitment [News]

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 5, 2019 2:34:00 PM / by Andrew France

Andrew France

Hold on to your hat: Facebook and Google have entered the recruitment industry. 

This is not just some innocuous announcement: With two of the global tech titans entering the recruiting game, we can expect the entire industry to change drastically.

Don’t believe me?

facebook and google recruitment

Well if that’s the case, just try to think about the last time either Facebook or Google entered a new industry and outright failed. Take your time – I’ll wait.

In the meantime, here are a few of the ways that the recruiting industry will change with the addition of Facebook and Google.

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A MUCH Larger User Base

LinkedIn jumped onto the scene as the largest professional social media site in the world by a long shot. A whopping 500 million people use LinkedIn – no other professional social media site has that kind of facebook and google recruitmentreach. Not by a long shot.

Well, until now of course. 

Facebook retains over 2 billion active users. Before, most of these users were content to simply share viral cat videos and argue politics with their extended family, but with Facebook turning to recruitment, they immediately have access to this massive user base for job recruitment. 

Google also brings with it its massive ubiquitous search engine. Nearly 70% of job searches begin on Google. In these situations, Google effectively acts as the middleman, funnelling candidates to job recruiting sites across the web. With Google now entering the recruitment game, you can expect them to take more of the recruiting cut.


It’s About to Get a Whole Lot Cheaper 

A problem with many recruiting channels is the amount that you have to pay to access them. Now, this is easily avoided if you use lower-cost channels such as Craigslist, which remains surprisingly effective even today. But Craiglist isn’t effective enough on its own and needs to be supplemented with other channels. 

With Google and Facebook on the scene, recruiting agencies will be able to combine the high potential of recruiting sites with the low cost of channels such as Craigslist. Most recruiting sites have a minimum spend or fixed costs that must be purchased beforehand. Jobs on Facebook gets rid of this costly pay-per-click model, allowing you to spend as much or as little as possible. 

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Heck, this could be as little as $5: Whatever you want it to be. But with access to the massive user base of Facebook, those five bucks can get you a lot further than ever before.


Tapping Into the Passive Candidate Goldmine

Recruiters around the world are tired of meeting disinterested or unqualified candidates. This is largely due to the fact that most job recruiting sites are only able to easily access active job seekers – that is, those who are actively seeking jobs. 

facebook and google recruitmentPassive candidates, or those who already have a job, largely remain the holy grail for job recruiters. Much more difficult to access, passive candidates are typically engaged, qualified, and extremely interested in the job. 

Both Facebook and Google allow for easier access to passive candidates largely through their massive user bases. For both Google and Facebook, well-placed ads can find the exact candidates you desire, allowing you to access the ideal candidates.

Facebook and Google have near-infinite potential in the job recruitment industry. If job recruiters fail to prepare for this upcoming storm, they risk falling into an early hole. If you only learn one thing from this article it should be this: Don’t bet against Facebook or Google!

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Andrew France

Written by Andrew France

Andy France is the Head of Sales for Talentify, an innovative A.I. Recruitment Marketing company based in Orlando, Florida. Andy previously ran his own staffing firm focused on helping Veterans transition and has a background in helping enterprises use Marketing Automation and Mobile Applications. He remains passionate about connecting talent with opportunities. Andy loves golf and New Smyrna Beach, but above all he loves playing with his 10-month old son, EJ.